St. Louis Detective shares what it is like to be a cop

Within five minutes, I had torn up my index card of questions and just paid attention because Detective Bob Bayes had just shocked me with how candid he was willing to be.

He was prepared to talk about being a beat cop, solving murders, conducting sting operations, going undercover, and even what happens when the higher-ups wanted a report to be written incorrectly.

This interview gave me a whole new appreciation for the challenges of being a police officer in today’s world. Detective Bayes discusses what it feels like to have the community be angry at him for doing his job, the dark side of legalized prostitution and why he thinks police body cameras have drawbacks.

Detective Bayes even told stories about when they accidentally caught the county prosecutor in a prostitution sting.

And the story of catching the murderer of a 10 year-old girl was so shocking, in the middle of it, I start looking around to make sure my audio and video equipment was getting all of what he was saying.

On the blanket there was aluminum shavings; and there were paint chips some white some orange. So that’s one of your clues... so what are you looking for?
— Detective Bob Bayes

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