Registered Dietitian talks about dieting, calories and alcohol.

Registered Dietitian talks about dieting, calories and alcohol.

Over that last four years, I’ve lost around 45 pounds. It took me years to understand how to eat so that I could lose weight, not fall off the wagon and still get stronger from lifting. I have a lot of opinions about weight loss- and so I decided to test that knowledge with a nutrition and dietitian expert, Connie Diekman.

Connie Diekman is the former president of the 100,000 member Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has a background in lipids research and has worked with people that have eating disorders and was the nutritionist for the Saint Louis Rams.

Connie has appeared on Good Morning America, Oprah, and spoken before the congressional hearings that determine the FDA food guidance like the Food Pyramid and MyPlate.

Connie was quick to bring up a subject that she is passionate about, the failures of diets that are overly simplistic, have too many rules and can’t be adhered to, what she calls “Fad Diets.” One in particular that we discussed is the “Keto Diet,” where Connie revealed what happens when someone stops following their strict ketogenic (mostly fats and protein) diet:

Another surprising part of the conversation was how alcohol is metabolized by the body. Very interesting to realize how one should count the calories in their drinks:

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During the conversation we discuss controversial nutrition topics; "calories in, calories out"; the ketogenic diet, "tracking macros" and various diet fads.