Honey bee expert talks colony collapse & Africanized bees

With such a wise, weather beaten face, it is surprising that international honey bee expert Jerry Hayes is so self effacing. If he wanted to, he could look stern, but he is so quick with a smile that you can’t help but feel at ease. He is a hero in the eyes of many and yet he simply won’t accept accolades or praise. It makes him fun to interview… but a little wiley.

We spoke about honey bee behavior, colony collapse disorder, and Jerry even told about the first time he saw Africanized “Killer” bees (at the autopsy of a 900 lbs horse!)

The conversation was wide ranging and fun. Jerry and I are long time friends that worked together for 4 years while at Monsanto in Saint Louis, Missouri.

A few days before I did the interview, I went to Facebook and asked if anyone had questions. In less than an hour I had over 30 different questions. I will have to remember for later that the group often thinks of a lot better interview questions than I do.

There are two fun clips I took from the full interview:

This next clip, you will notice that I had to back away from the new microphones because I was so shocked by what I heard that I didn’t want to blow out the sound when I reacted to what he was telling me. The entire interview is great- but this clip about killer bees is the best thing I have recorded to date.

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