PGA Golfer Jay Delsing

PGA Golfer Jay Delsing

I have almost no natural interest in golf, but a friend of mine recommended that I meet PGA golfer Jay Delsing. Jay is fit, joyful and passionate; and his expertise in golf was obvious once we sat down to talk.

We talked about if it is worth it to purchase expensive golf clubs, why people quit golf, and how Jay’s mediation practice led him to a psychedelic experience. It was an amazing conversation.

Jay Delsing is a legendary PGA golfer from Saint Louis, Missouri. During this interview Delsing talked about why people are quitting golf, how important are golf clubs, how expensive golf balls help you drive farther. Jay also opens up and talks about how meditation can improve your golf game and how breathing can clear your mind.

A star athlete from St. Louis, MO Jay entered the PGA straight out of college and then stayed among the top 125 golfers in the world.

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