Banker Rita Kuster

Rita Kuster is the Chief Credit Officer for Saint Louis Bank, a community bank. For full disclosure, I met Rita because I am a member of the board of directors- which is how I knew that she has a special way of describing banking that makes it relatable.

During this interview, Rita describes her biography starting at a “banker’s bank,” becoming a regulator at the Federal Reserve Bank in Saint Louis, Missouri, and then being a banker during the financial crisis. She took a new position at Saint Louis Bank as the Chief Credit Officer and after working with her for over a year I was grateful that she was willing to sit down with me to discuss banking.

Rita discusses the challenges of preventing “Too Big To Fail” banks, how a person can get a loan, and the weird things she knows bankers have repossessed when a customer couldn’t pay their loan. Rita is very open in this conversation- offering opinions that are well thought out and not heard very often.