Podcast: YouTuber with 6.5 Million Subscribers

Podcast: YouTuber with 6.5 Million Subscribers

I was shocked to discover that my neighbor is a major personality on YouTube and is the CEO of an extraordinary online shop called Vat19.com.

Jamie Salvatori is a guy you almost always see wearing T-shirts. He’s understated, humble and almost no one in the “regular world” has any idea who he is or what he does.

Jamie stopped over to the studio late one evening and we talked about how he got his start, what he thinks about kids exploring YouTube, demonetization of certain content and so much more. I loved the interview, and unlike most of the conversations I have… when this interviewed wrapped up, I was even more intimidated by Jamie because I finally realized just how amazing he is.

Jamie Salvatori is a digital entrepreneur that has created a online retail business that sells unorthodox toys, candies and games. To market his products, Jamie has built a YouTube channel that gets millions of views per video- some of them over 100M views. Vat19.com is one of the most mesmerizing and fun channels online.

Jamie talks about who makes money on YouTube, how YouTubers make money and how advertising revenue compares to mainstream media dollars.

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Jamie is extremely humble and has a very good handle on the nature of celebrity:

Jamie is very open to treating kids in an honest manner, but even he struggles with opening the door to social media at too young of an age:

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