Podcast: Shirley Sahrmann, A woman that can fix your physical pain

Today’s podcast guest is Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, P.T., Ph.D. an expert on human movement.  She can watch you move and most of the time figure out what is causing you pain and why.

This interview was a little nerve wracking for me.  My wife, Annie, is a physical therapist that adores Dr. Sahrmann.  She conveyed to me the impact that Sahrmann has had on the field of physical therapy.  I knew that Annie would listen to the interview (I discovered on our walk last night that she hasn’t listened to any of my other podcasts because “they make me too nervous...”) and she would be unable to hide her opinion of my questions and interaction.

Communications is funny that way.  Here I was talking to a literal world expert, (Sahrmann was en route to teach in Japan when she stopped by the studio) and a significant portion of my stress came from worrying about what sweet Annie would think.

Sahrmann is a sweet woman with a soft voice and a cute laugh that she shares as often as she can.  But Sahrmann is also a force of nature, she pushed the field forward when medical doctors did not have respect for the musculoskeletal movement system.  

I learned about the value of headrests in cars for tall men, why not all girls can be ballerinas or cheerleaders, what happens if you slouch in your office chair all day long, and what Sahrmann thinks of chiropractors.

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I’ll certainly get feedback from Annie, but I hope to hear from you as well- comments on YouTube make a big difference in how many people see the interview.