A heart doctor opens up.

There is nothing quite as intense as being listened to by Dr. Allen Soffer. He looks squarely into your eyes, he is wordless, and he will patiently wait until you are done before speaking.

It is a sensation that is as disarming as it is endearing. There are so very few times in life when a person gives you their complete attention. This conversation was a joy because the man that normally is the listener became the storyteller.

Allen Soffer is a cardiologist with a 30 year career in Saint Louis.  During this conversation Dr. Soffer discusses what happens to medical students when they graduate at the top of their class and realize no one is grading them any more.  He also discusses what the medical field has discovered about what really happens during a heart attack, and what it is like to be talking with a patient that realizes their health may not allow them to live much longer.  

Dr. Soffer also discusses his family's work on World Food Day Saint Louis: https://stlwfd.org/and what the core mentality has to be when you are discussing life and death issues with patients.  

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