Farmers Rob Sharkey & Megz Reynolds

Two farmers stopped by the studio and discussed the biggest issues facing farmers today: Huawei extradition impacting Canadian farmers, Thank a Farmer Campaigns, Checkoff programs and so much more.

Rob Sharkey and Megz Reynolds are two of the biggest names in U.S. & Canadian agriculture. Megz Reynolds is a grain farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada and Rob Sharkey is a corn and soybean farmer from Illinois.

During the episode I spoke about the South Dakota State Farm Bureau Collegiate Conference October 11-13th. If you are interested to learn more check out their Eventbrite Page for tickets and more information:

Rob Sharkey is host of "The Shark Farmer Podcast," a daily XM radio show and "The Farmer and the City Girl Podcast" with Lesley Rae Kelly. Rob has completely upended the agriculture communications world by hosting a podcast that talks about the social and cultural issues farmers face. You can follow Rob Sharkey on Twitter @sf28430

Megz Reynolds is a social media phenomenon. She has built up a huge Twitter following as she has also run for political office in Canada. Megz is a powerful voice in Canadian agriculture, speaking about trade, transportation and many other issues important to farmers. You can follow Megz @farmermegzz

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