Monsanto Scientist Fred Perlak

Monsanto Scientist Fred Perlak

My mentor, Fred Perlak, was a career scientist at Monsanto, an agriculture company that created GMOs and pesticides we recorded one of our long conversations.

Fred Perlak Ph.D. is a retired scientist from Monsanto.  During this interview he discusses the likelihood that glyphosate (RoundUp) causes cancer, how disruptive Monsanto was to the pesticide industry, and gives a metaphor to understand how you can engineer a plant to resist an herbicide that kills almost all other plants.  

Perlak ran the Hawaii site for Monsanto, a site critical to Monsanto’s seed operations.  Prior to that he was a key member of the scientific team that created Bt cotton, a GMO that protected the plant from being eaten by specific insects.   

Fred is on Twitter: @FredPerlak

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