Vance Crowe
Vance Crowe
Making complex ideas simple to understand



I help organizations be better understood.

If your organization is struggling to figure out why potential customers and critics do not understand your value, I can help.  My specialty is analyzing an organization’s situation, recognizing things about that group that are unique and articulating them in ways that most people have never thought of before. 

New found ways to express your company’s value is invigorating and empowers you to change how others view your worth.


I will analyze your organization’s current and past strategies using a fresh set of eyes to determine the core of why and what your organization is struggling to communicate. We will expand what is working, and find what needs to be reset or refined.  

research your critics

I will sift through your critics’ complaints and the arguments against you to understand their perspectives. It is a major advantage when your communicators are deeply knowledgeable about your critics and their what they believe.

Discover hidden perspectives

I will meet with the specialists in your organization, the ones that are extraordinary in their own way, but not necessarily great at communicating, and I will discover the deeper value of their work.  Once I can see the inner workings of your organization, I can help you develop your messaging so that outsiders are captivated by what your organization does.

Find new venues

I will also help you find better places to communicate with the outside world.  I’ll guide you towards venues and mediums where you are much more likely to have conversations that matter, result in the making of new friends and spread your ideas much further than the traditional mainstream routes.

The End Result 

I work closely with clients to produce an actionable report and presentation that catalogue what we have discovered. We will also work out a detailed plan for how to move your communications to the next level including employee skill building, ongoing monitoring of critics, and clear tactics to get your organization into new venues.