Vance Crowe
Vance Crowe
Making complex ideas simple to understand


In a speaker series that features some of the most acclaimed scientists and thinkers in the country, from MIT’s Feng Zhang and Kevin Esvelt to Harvard’s Sheila Jasanoff and Naomi Oreskes, yours was the most thought-provoking and unexpected.
— MIT Knight Science Fellow
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I was honestly blown away by the amount of candor in which he spoke about the challenges one faces when advocating for a cause.
— Elise Stoddard, Florida Farm Bureau
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speeches that create change

I deliver speeches that reveal important aspects of human communication.  My audiences are entertained, engaged, and leave feeling empowered to change something about the way they are communicating.

I tell stories about my own experiences, discuss theories in ways that make them relatable and I talk about interesting people, books, and media that the audience can learn even more from.  My talks are personalized to each audience and will always be adapted to address current events that can make the ideas concrete.


My speeches are centered around communications: What can I do to be better understood by others? This question is complex and can be answered in many ways. Below are some of the general topics I have spoken about in the past. Every talk can be tailored to your group and situation.

Change Perception of Your Industry- What can your organization do when the public stands against your industry? Learn how people “know what they know,” and how public perception is driven so that you can create campaigns and programs that make people want to listen and become open to changing what they think of your industry.

Guerrilla Marketing- How to get your company's message and products in front of new people authentically so that you are at top of mind even if you don’t have a big advertising budget or staff. Prepare your team to attract attention in innovative and exciting ways that endears you to your target audience.

Attracting Young Talent- A look at why organizational cultures get hardened and what you can do to change so that you can inspire your current employees to think big while drawing in new talent that will keep you vibrant.

Advanced conversation skills- Learn how to be more engaging when communicating with your clients and how to handle conflict effectively so that you can learn from your critics and handle tough situations.


My fee is dependent on travel time and the complexity of the request and should cover reasonable travel expenses.  

I believe that the best talks offer a call to action and I am very open to working with organizers to find the right direction to channel the energy of the room at the end of the talk.  Your audience can move from fear, avoidance, and dread to purpose, confidence, and progress.

I like to attend as much of my clients’ conferences as possible, so that I can tailor my speech to the participants.  My speeches are generally 45 minutes long and then we go into a 15 minute Q&A.  

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